4 Growth Hacking Tips Every Entrepreneur Must Use

By definition, growth hacking is simply a collection of inexpensive strategies that companies employ to get lots of leads or customers in a very short timeframe. But the term is a bit of a misnomer.

While it implies that growth hacking tips and strategies are like taking a shortcut to success, there’s actually a lot of thought that goes into them. It requires a great deal of creativity, especially when the goal is to keep costs low and ROI high.

The good news: you don’t have to be an expert growth hacker to put the best tips and strategies to work for you. When you’re on a tight budget and need to see results quickly, these growth hacking tips give you the best bang for your buck.

1. Use Gmail Ads for Growth Hacking in the Inbox

Bidding on your competitors’ names and keywords is a solid part of any Google ad campaign. But using this technique with Gmail ads takes growth hacking to new heights.

Gmail ads show up in a user’s Gmail Promotions and Social tabs. They’re highly targeted based on the types of email a user is already receiving or content they’ve looked up online. This helps you find people who might be receiving emails or researching products from your competitors.

As a result, you’re focusing on leads that have left the top of the funnel and are making their way toward a decision.

2. Get More Mileage From Your Content

The majority of marketers say it takes anywhere from 1 to 6 hours to create a single piece of content. Some types of content, such as a social media post, will take drastically less time than an infographic or ebook.

Regardless of what type of content you’re creating, you can get more from your time and effort by turning a single piece of content into more.

For example, could that killer blog post you just wrote be illustrated in an infographic? Could you turn a webinar into a series of articles? Will you create multiple social media posts to drive traffic to those articles?

Repurposing content means not having to reinvent the wheel every time. This helps you focus more time and effort on creating quality content rather than quantity to keep your audience engaged.

3. Send Email from a Person, Not a Company

Improving email opens and click-throughs can be as simple as changing who the email comes from. People are more likely to notice emails from people, not companies. It’s more personal, less salesy, and helps to start building relationships with your leads.

4. Onboard a Freelance Digital Marketer for Growth Hacking

Growth hacking can easily become a full-time job. To make the best use of your time while still getting good results, consider outsourcing digital marketing to a freelancer. You can tap into their skills and expertise in email marketing, content writing, and social media (among other areas) and start seeing results sooner. Time savings also mean money savings, so you can get the best all-around value while you grow.

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