Virtual Project Management: A Beginner’s Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new era by stretching the full potential of remote work. For some roles, such as project management, remote work is likely here to stay. Virtual project management is finding favor in companies of all sizes and industries. It saves money, opens up a larger candidate pool, and helps ensure business continuity, among other benefits.

But if you’re new to the idea of hiring a virtual PM, there are a few things you’ll want to know before you pull the trigger.

What is Virtual Project Management?

Virtual project management refers to the process of managing a project remotely. Rather than being on-site supervising a team and handing out orders, each of your project team members is distributed across different cities, time zones, and even countries.

The role of a virtual project manager remains largely the same as a regular project manager. You still need someone to delegate tasks, follow up with team members, track the project’s progress, and stay on budget. As virtual teams continue to grow in size, scope, and popularity, so will the importance of hiring a virtual project manager to keep business moving.

Virtual Project Management’s Role in the Future of Work

In 2020, about one-third of workers employed in the United States worked from home. The majority of these workers wish to continue doing so, even as companies are starting to call them back to the office. This is especially true for workers whose jobs can easily be done remotely all or most of the time.

As more employees are demanding the option to work virtually, at least part of the time, the role of virtual project management will continue to thrive.

This shift has led many companies to seek outsourced talent, as location has become irrelevant. They can explore more talent options beyond what’s in their local area.

There’s also ready-made technology available that can simplify virtual project management and keep communication at the forefront. A decade ago, we simply didn’t have the tools and technology we do today. But now that there’s a will and a way, it’s time to let virtual project management show us it’s a viable (and perhaps better) option.

How to Hire a Remote Project Manager

Bringing on a virtual project manager takes a slightly different approach than your normal hire. You have access to a broader range of candidates and more places you can find them. Plus, you can lower your own internal costs by eliminating physical overhead. This may allow you to afford higher caliber talent or simply offset your payroll costs.

The fastest path to making a hire is to use an online marketplace like JobHireHub where virtual project management experts are actively seeking work. Connect directly with candidates, hire the best fit for your team, and enjoy all the benefits of outsourced contract work.

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