Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Virtual Assistant

Every entrepreneur feels growing pains. One of the hardest to overcome is the idea that you can’t do it all yourself. Eventually, your time, energy, and resources will be tapped out to the point where you simply can’t grow anymore unless you offload some tasks to someone else, like a virtual assistant.

One of the secrets of successful entrepreneurs is that they know how to delegate. Here’s why you should consider making your first (or next) hire a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistants are Silent Superheroes

Similar to on-site executive assistants, virtual assistants can handle a multitude of duties. Especially when you’re in a growth spurt, a VA can step in to:

  • Manage your calendar
  • Monitor your email inbox
  • Set up appointments
  • Plan events
  • Follow up wtih clients and prospects
  • Make travel arrangements

Many VAs also specialize in specific areas, such as SEO and keyword research, social media management, project management, paralegal work, and market research, for example. You get the benefit of their superpowers that can help your business grow faster without taking on the expense of a regular full-time employee.

They work virtually “in the background” so you can free up your time on time-intensive tasks and gain confidence those tasks are being handled.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Saves Resources to Spur Faster Growth

One of the biggest headaches of traditional hiring is adjusting your overhead to accommodate your new employee. This goes beyond the extra payroll expense. You also need enough workspace for a new employee, including a computer and other equipment. There’s also the matter of recruitment fees, time spent interviewing, and training and onboarding costs.

According to Glassdoor, hiring a new employee costs the average business about $4,000 and takes up to 52 days to fill a position. Other sources believe that cost is much higher. These expenses add up quickly, and it can take time for that person to start creating value beyond what you’re paying for them to be on your team.

When you go the VA route, you can skip many of these extra costs and start generating an ROI faster. Using a virtual assistant hiring service like JobHireHub shortens the talent search and vetting process. And since your VA works remotely, you don’t need to increase your company’s physical footprint to grow.

The Hiring Process is Faster and Easier

The Virtual Assistant is no longer the niche role it once was. They’ve become an essential part of business operations, which is why more entrepreneurs are relying on them. With the growth in the industry comes a larger pool of candidates to choose from, which can help you gain a competitive edge in your own niche.

Marketplaces like JobHireHub can connect you to multiple talented VAs with skills and experience that match your needs. Spend less time interviewing so you can start growing in the right direction.

Ready to onboard a Virtual Assistant?